Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Friends for life

I know it has almost been 2 years since I have written on my blog. And I have no idea if anyone would still read it but I thought I would write about each of my best friends and why they have made the list of women I look up too.

1)My mom- I have to say her. If it wasn't for her bravery and her faith I would not be here today. She is a rock in my life and there isn't anything that I would not do for her.
2)My sister Brittney- Even though we have had our arguments she is and will be my life long friend. There are things that we don't like about each other but I always know that she will be there for me.
3) Autumn Cutting- She was my best friend back in preschool. I remember that neither one of really thought we were good enough to be among the others in our class so we decided to make our own group. I don't talk to her as much as I would like to but I just remember that when her family moved from Pocatello I didn't want to loose contact with her so I bagged my mom to find her and she did.
4)  April Phranasith- She is now married and a mom. I can't believe it. I know that there were many experiences that her and I went through together that neither her or I would want to admit that happened. But I know that because of those times we became stronger together.
5) Krystal Johansen- I know that there is a reason that God put us in each other's lives. I honestly believe that we would not have made it in this world without one another. However, I know that God knew that if we were both given to the same mom than that mom would not survive so he gave us to two different women but made sure that we met early in life and stayed connected.
6) Esther Robles Allmond- The biggest reason I consider her my best friend is because no matter if I was happy or sad she would make me laugh and dance.I love every minute of it.
7) Charlene Bradley- She is another one that I know that God put in my life for a reason. Every time I am in one of those moods she was able to bring me out of it. I still don't know why or how she does it but she does. Thanks!
8) Sara Lee- She has a calm spirit of her. I know that even though she is not as hyper as the other friends I have she is the best listener as a friend. I could tell her anything and she would listen and love me for me. As far as I know there are many secrets that I have told her that she has not told anyone and I know she never well.
9) Becky Miller Wilson- Her and I could talk and laugh for hours. We never lived together and know that we could never live together but we still love each other forever.
10) Daylin Warrick Finich- She is the first best friend that I wasn't best friends with until we moved in together. I didn't really know her when I moved in with her but I am so glad that I had those three and a half years with her. We laughed, cried, morned, rejoiced, fought like sisters but loved each other after the fight was over.  She is amazing sister to me and I owe her more than she will ever know.
11) Emily Nelsen- She was the first friend I had when I moved to Logan. I meet lots of friends there but she was the first one that made it a point to be my friend back. She always made sure that I knew that I was loved and that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. She became my family away from home. And when she got married she did not waste anytime but to make sure that I had friends that would love me the same way as she would.
12) Natalie Porter- She was my friend after Emily that just jumped right in making me feel loved and needed. She has since then continued to love me and I love her in return. Life continued to be fun and exciting with Natalie. Thanks girl!
13) Nikki Safrit- She was another best friend that I did not have until we lived together. It was our second year as roommates that I feel that we really connected. She would always listen to me and let me know that I was heard even if she did not agree with me. No matter what the story was she always had a calm head on her and heard everything that I had to say before she said anything back. I miss that.
14) Lydia Bushman (Porter)- Even though she is getting married tomorrow I still consider her one of my best friends. She also was a very good listener and also made sure that even though I made mistakes I am still loved by her. She shows her love to everyone and makes sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. In everything she does she makes it a party for everyone. There is not one bored person at her parties.
15) Allison Stephens- I went to high school with her but it was not until we went to a singles branch after college that we did a lot of things together. We never had a daul moment together. She always came up with fun, exciting things to do and they always made me laugh.
16) April Butler- She is an amazing goal keeper. I remember when I told her about a goal I had she helped me keep it.

I will never forget anything that any of these girls have done for me. I will always love them and consider them my best friends even if they are married, becomes moms, or move far away. They are part of who I am today. Thank you!!!!

P.S. I will try and be a better blogger! LOL

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thoughts of this year

Okay so I have no idea who is going to read this but it has been a long time so I think it is time to say my thoughts of this first year living in Utah again.

There has been good and bad things about being back in Utah. Right now I am thinking there is more bad than good but that is because of things I am going through. But this is not about what I am going through this is my thoughts. I still don't know why I am suppose to be here in Utah. But every time I thinking about moving somewhere I would get the feeling that my thought of moving is just scared about living my life here, by myself without my mommy and sister and niece and nephew near me. But guess what I made it through my first year so I think that I can make it longer. YAY!!! There are a lot of things that have made me a better, stronger person and I am glad that I have gone through each thing that I have gone through. Yes, most of them have been hard things like meeting someone that was nice and amazing but did not love me and that turned into be a gerk. I worked with someone that was very hard to communicate with. I meet someone that I am still in love with that even though we are working on just being friends I still feel like he is the one for me and that part of me left when he followed his heart to go with another girl.  I lived by myself and had to use my savings more than I thought to pay for bills. I have had a calling in my ward that I have had before but I feel like I have worked harder on it this time then last time. I have made it through my first year of teaching and have entered the first summer not being a teacher and I miss the kids. In all of this that I have done I still feel like there is more for me to learn in Utah and I am excited, and scared of what that is but bring it on.

Friday, March 15, 2013

What is stressing me

Okay so if you don't like reading negative things then stop right now. Because this is going to be a venting post. I am hoping that if I write about what is stressing me at this moment in time I can just move on and get going because everything that I am stressed about is not going to change but I feel like I need to vent to someone about everything and a computer will not talk back so here it goes.
1) My family- Don't get me wrong it is not them. It is me. Sometimes I hate being in Utah because sometimes they need help and I can't help them and second when they do ask me for help I am a brat and complain that they want me to drive home to help them and I have so much to do. It sucks why can't I just be happy with everything. I can't it does not work that way.
2) Work- My bosses said they would do something and they haven't. I know that they have other people to talk to then my assistant and I but when someone says they will do something I expect that they will do it and do it soon. There are things that I am not getting across to my assistant and my coach said she would come out and help me. And she hasn't so I feel like things are getting worse.
3) Projects just keep coming and coming. I can't seem to get a handle on it. Why am I venting and not working on my projects...it is because if I am stressed out my projects won't work. The projects that I have should not be that hard but certain things are making them harder.
4) My calling- Most of you know that I am a perfectionist and so when I can't do what I am suppose to do in every aspect of my life it is very stressful. But when someone won't give me a picture of them or answer 4 or 5 simple question what can I do. I just don't know how to do the best when my calling has to do with what other do as well.
5) Friends- There is a couple of people that I thought were my friends and then for who knows what they don't talk to me any more and I don't know what I did wrong. I would still be hurt if they did not talk to me but when I don't know what on earth I did wrong then that even hurts worse.
6) Money- I hate that this life revolves around money. There are something that you can't get away with not paying like rent, food and gas to get to work but when things are more than what you think it is worth then it is hard to be okay with what you are getting paid at work because sometimes it is just not enough for what the world around you is charging. So what do you do?
Well if you read it I am sorry for the venting but I had to get it off my chest. Now I hope that I can move on and get back to what I have to get done. For those of you who read this and live close to me if you are ever bored then let me know I would take help on things in a heart beat. Hope every one has a good month or however long it takes me to write again on my blog.   

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My students

My students are so amazing. At the start of the year I had to test them to see where they were at and a lot of them were low. This last 2 weeks I tested them again and them did better. so I wanted to share the differences. The numbers are instead of names. First number is the first test and the second number is the second test.
1) 17~43
4) 106~128
I know a lot of them are still low but I am just glad that my teaching is helping them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I really can't believe that it is a new year. I normally tell everyone what my new year goals are but I have found that they are not all coming true so this year I am doing things a little different. I am going to write them in my journal and work on them secretly myself and see what happens. But want I can tell you all is that I want this year to be the most amazing year of my life. So to do that I hope that me working on these goals in my own way will make it be an amazing year. Also I will try and be a better blogger...and through my posts you might be able to figure out what my goals were. But I will not come right out and say them. Sorry. I hope everyone will have an awesome 2013. And I love you all....(even though I don't know who reads this any more)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Over a 1,000 and 2 things off my bucket list

Sun Set on the way down to St. George

Seeing the St. George temple. It really is as white as everyone was telling me. 

Three Amigas that was on the trip

I love the back of this trailer. 

Second stop was Grand Canyon- North Rim.

It is an amazing view. Maybe one day I will get to see the South rim.

I love this. I went up into an outlook and there was slates through the wall and this is what I shot.

First Attempt of pamaroma

On the way to Blanding, UT

I love that the only one that was 100% in everyone was Amanda

Kim, Amanda and I

Kim, Amanda and I- driving down the road

Stopping to get gas in a po-dunk town.

Monticello, Utah Temple

Wilson Arch- Amanda's last name is Wilson so we thought this was cool.

This is really cool. Under those words are white doors. That people actually built and lived in.

On the way to the Arches

Balancing Rock

At the start of the 3 mile hike.

Most of it was UP!!!!!

Half Way up the hardest part of the hike

These little things were everywhere. It was so cool. They were different.

The first time that I thought I would turn back.

Start counting down.


I made it!

We made it.

Isn't it great

Kim and I

Amanda and I

Marking another thing off my bucket list

What goes up must go down

We made it back down

Me holding up the balancing rock

Dinner in Moab, UT at Zax Pizza before heading back home

Sun Set before we got back

I am so glad that I got to take the Grand Canyon and the Delicate Arch off my bucket list. I am glad that I had 2 fun girls to do it with me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What calmed me

Yesterday I watched Conference with my friend Kim. After the first session we decided to go to Chilis. It was really good. Before we left Chilis Amanda joined us. While we were waiting for our food we decided to go bowling after the second session of Conference. Well the more we talked the more we changed our mind. We decided to go to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was the best thing we could have done. While walking around the gardens an amazing feeling came over me. The last 3 or 4 weeks I have been stressing out over little things, I have been getting into the dumps wondering why I moved to West Jordan, how will I ever get use to being the lead teacher in this district, how will I ever catch up on my to do list when people won't help me on somethings that I needed their help with, and how on earth will I ever fulfill the rest of my goals. But walking around those gardens a calming feeling came over me telling me that I moved to West Jordan because that is how I would fulfill my goal of become a teacher and there is more to life and I have to learn that. I felt that I will get use to being a lead teacher day by day, I will get caught up on my to do list with just time and patience. And lastly I felt that fulfilling the rest of my goals will come just like all of the rest of my goals that I have fulfilled. It is exactly what I needed. I want to go back to these gardens in the Spring. It is amazing. If you have not gone you should. I know I want to take my mom some day. We were not suppose to take pictures in the gardens but I could not help myself and I will share a few with you.